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IT Tuesday (Image Talk Tuesday) is host by Joann Dobrowolski - Founder & President YPI Consultants, LLC. Joann will discuss areas of Your Image; Personal Image, Professional Image, Social and the impact it is having on your Brand, Career and Future. You are the best business card you have, are you using it effectively to reach your goals or sitting on the sideline as others pass you! Only you can answer that question correctly so be honest and take time to listen to IT Tuesday.

Because Image Matters!


Guests include business owners, Professionals, Politicians and public figures. They discuss Personal Image, Corporate Image, Image in the Media and the impact each has on your life and many other issues.


We invite you to browse our radio site page for our collection of past radio shows that can be listened to free and on demand.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a guest on Image Talk?


Not sure if you want to participate? Keep in mind we have a conversation around your Image Topic. It is not just about Joann and Brian, it is also about you. We have a great time just talking about Image, Personal and Professional Image and the impact life has on each of us.  If you want to be considered for guesting on Image Talk, all you need to do is forward your contact information along with your topics, questions, brief bio and head-shot and we will follow up with you.

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For more information, please contact Joann Dobrowolski at:

Tel: 631.320.0217 | Email: imagetalk@ypiconsultants.com

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